One of my favorite craft projects is decorating gift boxes.  It’s got all the fun of making mixed media paintings, but with useful objects instead of wall canvases.  There are three of my better boxes up for sale right now on my Etsy Shop.  Not every project is a success, though.  I’m here to tell you about the also-rans:

Stump Box

My inspiration for this “Stump Box” was a non-mossy version I made for my parents using a wood grain stencil.  I thought, “How cool would it be if it had actual moss on it?”  So I went out and bought a package of moss bits and proceeded to glue them to the lid.

Now, I grew up in a forest, so I already knew that moss has a strong, earthy odor.  But I figured that store-bought moss would be de-smellified somehow.  It’s not.  Guess how many people want to give a gift in a smelly box?  If you answered “none,” give yourself a cookie.  Also, it drops pieces of moss all over the place.

boa box

Meet the “Boa Box.”  It’s pink, it’s pretty, it features black faux crocodile skin, and it sheds.  Like, a lot.  I made it months ago, and I’m still finding fluffy pink bits all over the place. If you look closely at the stump box, you can see a couple of feathers on the lid.

If you’re curious, I made the boa box with (surprise!) a feather boa and a lot of gel medium.  I glued it as a spiral going around the box, bottom to top.  The lid is decorative paper carefully folded over the edges.  I actually kind of like the way this gift box looks, but I can’t inflict a plague of pink feathers on anybody.  What if they glitter bomb me in revenge?