On December 5th I will be hosting a table at the Brownsville Art Center for the holiday market. Let the panic begin!

Some of the pressure is off me because I suckered convinced my dad to contribute to the sale. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I am less than totally prepared (read: I do not have even close to enough inventory to fill an entire table, especially one of the gigantic tables at the art center). So lately my days have been filled with a frenzy of making stuff. Don’t get me wrong–I love creating. It’s just that I have a persistent voice in the back of my head shouting, “Work faster! FASTER, I say!” That little voice is strongly of the opinion that I don’t have time for trivial matters like sleeping, eating, shitting, etc. It spends a lot of time arguing with the other little voice that thinks everything I make is complete crap and should be redone from scratch. My brain is super fun, guys.

Anyway, I will have several of the following items for sale: Pouches of varying styles made of inner tubes, sketchbook “holsters” made from old shirts, decorated shirt cuffs, block necklaces, and Peppermint Beasties. This is also a good opportunity to order custom work, especially if you want it done in time for the holidays. Check out my portfolio for examples of things I’ve made in the past.

I hope to post pictures soon of what I’m working on. It depends if I can convince the little voices to let me, or if I manage to sneak past them. Wish me luck.