TiMae Creations is now Skirkbucket Studio! Why? Short answer: reasons. Long answer: A minor kerfuffle with my domain hosting service gave me the opportunity to change my business name. I jumped on it because I only changed the name from “Skirkbucket” to “TiMae” when we thought my husband (Tim) would be an active partner. That fell through, but it would have been a major pain to change everything back.

So why “Skirkbucket,” anyway? I’m glad you asked, [entity that exists only in my head for providing questions to facilitate a Q&A format]! Skirkbucket is what my dad called me when I was a child, as in “Mae Marie Skirkbucket, you come clean this up RIGHT NOW.” I’ve always liked the sound of it. Plus it’s nonsensical, just like me.

Switch over to following me on Twitter as @Skirkbucket, and be sure to switch your bookmark for my Etsy shop over to the new name as well. (You DO have my shop bookmarked, right? Right?) Thanks for your patience as I gradually get everything on this blog replaced with the new name. It may take me a while to coax out the TiMaes lurking in the dusty corners.