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Liberate Your Art 2017 Postcard Swap

This is my first year participating in the annual Liberate Your Art postcard swap, and I am hooked. I connected with some badass artists, got nifty art to display in my studio, and made some cool postcards of my own. I’m definitely going to do this again next year.

(If you don’t know, a postcard swap is an event in which artists get their original art printed onto postcards, then mail them to each other. In this case, the postcards were sent first to the swap host, who addressed and distributed them.)

I’m not sure who all got my five postcards, but I heard from a few. One of my recipients was a local woman (Tennille McVeigh, photographer extraordinaire) who is also a member of the Brownsville Art Association. Another of my cards went to Europe. This was my postcard design:

This design features one of my favorite ways to monoprint: a doily on a gel plate.

Now check out the cards I received! To see all the cards sent everywhere, visit Kat Sloma’s blog. Speaking of which, many thanks to Kat for hosting this swap! She’s got this down to a science.

Click any picture below to see a slideshow with commentary.

The Joy of Deadlines

On December 5th I will be hosting a table at the Brownsville Art Center for the holiday market. Let the panic begin!

Some of the pressure is off me because I suckered convinced my dad to contribute to the sale. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I am less than totally prepared (read: I do not have even close to enough inventory to fill an entire table, especially one of the gigantic tables at the art center). So lately my days have been filled with a frenzy of making stuff. Don’t get me wrong–I love creating. It’s just that I have a persistent voice in the back of my head shouting, “Work faster! FASTER, I say!” That little voice is strongly of the opinion that I don’t have time for trivial matters like sleeping, eating, shitting, etc. It spends a lot of time arguing with the other little voice that thinks everything I make is complete crap and should be redone from scratch. My brain is super fun, guys.

Anyway, I will have several of the following items for sale: Pouches of varying styles made of inner tubes, sketchbook “holsters” made from old shirts, decorated shirt cuffs, block necklaces, and Peppermint Beasties. This is also a good opportunity to order custom work, especially if you want it done in time for the holidays. Check out my portfolio for examples of things I’ve made in the past.

I hope to post pictures soon of what I’m working on. It depends if I can convince the little voices to let me, or if I manage to sneak past them. Wish me luck.

I’ve Been Working On…

It’s been a while since I posted, but I have a good excuse! Really! See, I’m teaching a class in June at the Brownsville Art Center, and prepping for it has taken up most of my time. I can prove it, too. Check out these badass flowers made from assorted junk (click any picture to see a slideshow with commentary):

These aren’t all the types of flowers we’ll be making in class on June 20th from 10am to 1pm, but it’s a good sampling. You’ll be able to register at the Art Center soon; I’ll post an update when it’s set up.  There is a $20 non-refundable registration fee for supplies.

There will be a ton of other activities designed to prepare artists for the Junk Art Show in August. Stay tuned to find out more.





ap whole

My new mixed media piece, “Adventure,” will be in the Brownsville Art Center from Feb. 4th through March 14th as part of the annual 8×8 show!

The background is the result of my recent experiment with pouring medium.  Pouring medium, which I discovered through a Donna Downey online workshop, is a really fun tool that provides an interesting abstract effect with a minimum of effort.  Just pour a puddle on the canvas, add some blobs of acrylic paint, and let the medium carry the colors all over the canvas.

Once the background was dry, I added a couple of other layers without covering the entire surface.  That got me a subtle dripping texture and added more depth.

ap indoors drip only

The pouring medium is really glossy and hard to photograph without reflections, but you get the idea.

ap angle drip

These colors are a bit more accurate than the previous picture.

I found the lace embellishment in a bag of random trims that came from an estate sale.  It’s possible that it used to be on somebody’s wedding dress.  I’ve been saving this flower for something dramatic, and I think this setting is just right for it.

ap closeupThe final touch was the “quote” written with a white Gelly Roll pen.  As far as I know, nobody famous has ever said this.  It just popped into my head when I saw the lace against the deep blue part of the background.  I like how it implies a sort of Zen-like philosophy.  Other than that, it really has no special significance outside of sounding cool.  Sometimes my brain just spits something out and I have to use it to keep my my subconscious from going off to sulk in a corner of my skull, you know?

If you happen to be in Brownsville, be sure to stop by and see the show.  It’s going to be awesome.