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Stuff that’s for sale in my Etsy store

Introducing the Herring Collection

There’s new stuff on my Etsy store! Let me introduce you to my Herring Collection, a series of intricately beaded bracelets made with herringbone stitch. Right now there are four versions for sale with more to come.

(Click any picture to see a slideshow with commentary.)

To celebrate the launch, I’m participating in the upcoming Etsy sale! From August 31 to September 4, these bracelets will be 10% off. You can find the Herring Collection by doing an Etsy search for SkirkbucketStudio (one word) or by using these links:

Blue/Silver Herring Bracelet

Copper/Teal Herring Bracelet

Green/Silver Herring Bracelet

Olive/Bronze Herring Bracelet

Stand By Me

There’s a non-zero chance you’re reading this because I gave you a business card at the recent Stand By Me art market in Brownsville. First of all, welcome to my world! (You poor sod.) Second, I thought a handy little primer on my craft blog would be appreciated. If you just want to buy my stuff, you can skip this and click straight to my Etsy shop: I will be posting stuff I was selling at the art show just as soon as I can take product photos and whatnot. If you already know what you want, please contact me and I’ll sell it to you immediately with Square or a reserved listing or something. I’m pathetically eager to please.

Those tablecloth wrinkles are your imagination.

This was my table.

1.) Profanity: I have a fucking filthy vocabulary, okay? You’ve been warned.

2.) WTF is this site?: This is my humorous craft blog. I mouth off in an (I hope) entertaining way about my journey as an artist. I do the occasional tutorial, often walk you through my mistakes and how I fixed/failed to fix them, and detail results of my craft experiments.

3.) Usefulness: My goal is to be funny, but I also like to at least pretend to be helpful. So I do reviews of products, experiment with all forms of art, and sometimes write tutorials. I always welcome questions, either via my comment sections/contact form or email (

4.) Specialty: We don’t need no steenking specialties! I used to try to confine myself to one craft, but my short attention span and desire to DO ALL THE THINGS makes that impractical. The plan was for me to focus on selling my projects on Etsy and at craft shows. Now I’ve happily settled on doing whatever the hell I want and writing about it. Speaking of which…

5.) Business: This IS my job. If you enjoy my writing, please consider popping over to my Etsy shop or contacting me about a commission. Your support is what keeps me from being forced to have ads on my website or to gate content behind Patreon fees. Also, the more feedback I get, the more I’m encouraged to write. Comments make the world go ’round.

6.) Etcetera: Twitter and Instagram handles are @Skirkbucket…blah blah blah…I take topic suggestions (with a grain of salt…blah blah…I have cats…blah…the sky is green… I can’t think of anything else you would need/want to know about this site. Lemme know if you think of something.

Thanks for giving me a chance,

block dots gift bag

Block Dots

block dots gift bag closeup

What’s this? Read on!

A couple of years ago, I created a furoshiki cloth from a large piece of cotton broadcloth and some acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.  I used a custom stamp for the squares and a pencil eraser for the little circles


To make this stamp, I took scissors and a hole punch to sticky-back craft foam. The resulting strips are stuck to a square of plywood left over from another project.

Furoshiki cloths are good for more than just wrapping presents.  As you see here, I’ve knotted it to form a shoulder bag.

furoshki bag shoulder

Many thanks to my long-suffering uncle, Dave, for being a model.

Yesterday I posted a new product on my Etsy shop: small gift bags made from cloth I had printed by Spoonflower.  The fabric is sturdy eco canvas (100% polyester canvas with 45% recycled content).  I intend to eventually sew a variety of products with the “Block Dots” design.  In addition, you can buy various kinds of fabric with this pattern printed on it from my Spoonflower store.  It’s also available as wallpaper and gift wrap.

Block Dots gift bag

The block dots gift bag in all its glory.

Other original fabric designs are coming soon!  Be sure to check back for updates, or follow me on Twitter: @timaecreations.


Saga of the Peppermint Beasties


The beasties of Big Rock Candy Mountain lived simply.  They spent their days harvesting candy canes from the peppermint trees, trading with the beasties of neighboring Gumdrop Hill, drinking cocoa, and swimming in Fructose Lake.  Aside from occasional encounters with the pTerrible Peppermint Panther that roamed the woods, the peppermint beasties were content.

Until the dentists arrived.

It was later learned that the pTerrible Peppermint Panther—annoyed at being driven away from the peppermint orchard by fierce warriors armed with sugarcane spears—had sent a letter to a dentist he had met many moons ago.  The dentist had left his business card in gratitude for not being eaten (panthers never eat dentists, as they numb the mouth like Novocain) when he had wandered into the panther’s lair while lost in the forest.  To this day, no one is quite sure how the panther wrote the letter, as even pTerrible panthers lack opposable thumbs.

Upon receiving the letter, the dentist called an emergency meeting of the Committee to Poke People in the Gums.  “I have recently learned,” he said, “that there is a way to drastically lower the price of the peppermint we need to flavor toothpaste and mouthwash.”  He told them of the peppermint orchard, and of the beasties that controlled it.  The C.P.P.G. agreed that the only thing to be done was to conquer Big Rock Candy Mountain and claim the trees for themselves.

They invaded on a starless night, counting on catching the peppermint beasties unawares. The entire village would have been captured if it hadn’t been for the warning shouted by an elderly beastie rocking her grandchild to sleep on her peppermint patio.  As it was, the primitive spears were no match for the enemy’s dental drills.  Less than half of the beasties escaped.

Someday the peppermint beasties will take back their ancestral mountain.  They plot and prepare for the coming battle.  Planning for that day gives them purpose, but the refugees need a safe place to stay while their schemes are perfected.  They have heard of strange beings called “humans,” and are undertaking the long journey to human lands in the hope of finding sanctuary in their homes.

If you wish to offer shelter to three peppermint beasties, please visit our Etsy shop, TiMae Creations, and place an order for the Bag O’ Peppermint Beasties.  Each beastie is a unique plush toy made using an original design.