block dots gift bag closeup

What’s this? Read on!

A couple of years ago, I created a furoshiki cloth from a large piece of cotton broadcloth and some acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.  I used a custom stamp for the squares and a pencil eraser for the little circles


To make this stamp, I took scissors and a hole punch to sticky-back craft foam. The resulting strips are stuck to a square of plywood left over from another project.

Furoshiki cloths are good for more than just wrapping presents.  As you see here, I’ve knotted it to form a shoulder bag.

furoshki bag shoulder

Many thanks to my long-suffering uncle, Dave, for being a model.

Yesterday I posted a new product on my Etsy shop: small gift bags made from cloth I had printed by Spoonflower.  The fabric is sturdy eco canvas (100% polyester canvas with 45% recycled content).  I intend to eventually sew a variety of products with the “Block Dots” design.  In addition, you can buy various kinds of fabric with this pattern printed on it from my Spoonflower store.  It’s also available as wallpaper and gift wrap.

Block Dots gift bag

The block dots gift bag in all its glory.

Other original fabric designs are coming soon!  Be sure to check back for updates, or follow me on Twitter: @timaecreations.