Skirkbucket Studio is where you’ll find personal and art-related writing by me, Mae Kirk.  While I do offer tutorials and whatnot, my writing prioritizes humor over practicality. That’s why I post about my most spectacular failures, even though it advertises my occasional stupidity. (I’m going to stick to my guns on the “occasional.” Let me keep a tiny shred of dignity.)

My crafts vary widely due to what I term “artistic flexibility” and others call “a short attention span.”  You can find anything from silky painted fabric to bits of rusty junk on my worktable. I’m especially enthusiastic about upcycling.

I live in Oregon with my husband, Tim, and my uncle, Dave.  They make everything here possible by protecting me from being distracted by our inquisitive cats when I am in the throes of creative inspiration (which is NOT the same as napping, no matter what it looks like.  Honest.).

If you like this blog, be sure to check out the Skirkbucket Studio Etsy shop.  Custom orders are welcome.  You can contact me at skirkbucketstudio@gmail.com.